Sipping Saltwater: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst

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Everybody's thirsty. We're thirsty for a world without suffering. A world defined by peace, joy, and love. We're thirsty for paradise. 

How do we try to quench this thirst? We sip saltwater. We consume things that look, feel, and sound as if they'll quench our thirst, but they only make us thirstier, with devastating consequences as a result. Sipping Saltwater points us to the only drink that will satisfy us now and eternally - Christ's living water- and shows us how to drink it.





Steve Hoppe uses vivid imagery and powerful stories to explain a problem plaguing us all - idolatry. But he doesn’t stop there. He gets practical by digging into dozens of everyday idols and showing how Christ is better than them all.
— Gabe Lyons, President of Q Ideas and author of "Good Faith"
Our lives get more busy yet more empty. Steve gets this - he gets us. He describes what you feel and why you feel like that, and walks with you to a better way. And, somehow, he does it in a way that makes you feel heard, even befriended. Within two pages you will be drawn in by Steve’s honesty and how he seems to speak to you. Then you read the entire book - hope rising with each chapter. Since one chapter will be uniquely yours, you will double back, re-read that chapter, and act on that hope.
— Ed Welch, Counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF)
Steve grabs your attention from the very first sentence. He sheds unique insight into idolatry through vivid imagery and solid biblical instruction. He powerfully points you to the only One who can and will quench your thirst. I will be sharing this book with those I counsel- both professing Christians and those who profess no faith at all.
— Timothy Lane, President of the Institute for Pastoral Care and co-author of "How People Change"
This book has been so good for my foolish, thirsty heart, which so easily defaults to drinking deadly ‘saltwater.’ With great warmth, honesty, and insight, Steve exposes and redirects our hearts to the Lord Jesus, the only One who can and does quench our thirst and bring joy to our hearts.
— Andrea Trevenna, Associate for Women's Ministry, St. Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks, UK
“Sipping Saltwater” is an invitation to find lasting satisfaction for our deepest longings. Steve offers biblical and relevant ways to think differently about work, sex, money, comfort, control, and much more. Compelling, practical, and transparent. I could not put this book down!
— Peter Greer, President and CEO of HOPE International and co-author of "Mission Drift"
Surrounded by saltwater inside the gut of a fish, the prophet Jonah said that when we cling to worthless idols, we forfeit the grace that could be ours. “Sipping Saltwater” is a thoughtful, helpful field guide on the idols Jonah grieved for, and to which we, too, are all susceptible. I highly recommend this book.
— Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville and author of "From Weakness to Strength"
A powerfully real and personal book that informs as much as it moves, and challenges as much as it gives hope in the God who gives many gifts.
— Mark Meynell, Associate Director (Europe & Caribbean), Langham Preaching, Langham Partnership
The idea that we are constantly sipping saltwater is an extremely helpful image which is then carefully applied to our battle with sin. This book is beautifully honest, packed with stories, and ultimately full of hope in Christ.
— Jonty Allcock, Lead Pastor, The Globe Church, London, and author of "Lost," "Fearless," and "Hero"
With a pastor’s heart, a counselor’s eye, and a historian’s love of story, Steve draws from each to produce a helpful book on the idols of the heart. Steve unpacks the dynamics around why we return to destructive choices, even when we know they are destroying us. With insight that comes from years of walking alongside others, Steve sees into the human heart and provides hope for healing its brokenness. This book is real, a bit gritty, and immensely helpful!
— Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Executive Director, Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA)
How often have we all thought, ‘Why do I keep doing the same unwise things over and over again?’ In “Sipping Saltwater” Steve pulls back the curtain to help us understand what our unhealthy motivations are and how the gospel can bring hope, clarity, and change to the darkest areas of our lives.
— Jackson Crum, Lead Pastor, Park Community Church, Chicago
In “Sipping Saltwater,” Steve Hoppe draws on his vast experience as a pastor and counselor. He writes not as an aloof professional, but rather, as a fellow traveler- broken, flawed, and in search of full redemption. With clarity and directness, he weaves together the timeless truths of Scripture, real-life stories of people in the pews, and his own journey of moving from brokenness to wholeness.
— Mindy Meier, Author, speaker, and Associate Director of Greek InterVarsity Christian Fellowship